Here at ENVIE Extension Co, we’re so much more than a company – we’re a community, brought to life by professional stylists, for professional stylists. We see you, we understand you, and most importantly, we are you. Our roots are firmly planted in the hair industry, and we are committed to revolutionizing and impacting our industry for the best. 

We believe you deserve more – more rewards, more benefits, more perks. That’s where our ENVIE Insider Program comes into play. This program isn’t just about rewards. It’s about recognizing your passion and dedication, and rewarding you for your loyalty to our brand and commitment to advancing your career as a dedicated hairstylist.

But, as any great stylist knows, the quest for excellence isn’t one that ends. It needs continuous learning, growth, and creativity. With this in mind, we’ve curated the ENVIE INVISILUXE Course, a groundbreaking program that provides a one-of-a-kind educational and mentorship journey. It’s not just about mastering our patent pending technique, but about regaining control over your career, reaching financial freedom, and creating a fulfilling career that you deserve. 


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Offer the world's most luxurious, highest quality extensions in your salon, take advantage of our industry leading in-person and online education programs, earn rewards points and receive wholesale product pricing with ENVIE Pro.

ENVIE Extension Co. is fully dedicated to empowering you as a hair extension specialist, providing you with all of the necessary tools to significantly differentiate yourself in this industry. We understand that your clients deserve nothing short of the best when it comes to luxury hair extensions, which is why our hair is ethically sourced directly from Eastern Europe.

In our commitment to quality, our standards start from our thorough selection process; we use only the finest quality hair which guarantees greater durability due to minimal processing. We steer clear of harsh processing methods and silicones and ensure that our hair is always cuticle aligned. Our products are double-drawn 100% Remy human hair.

Our hair is available in 17 professionally formulated color variants. These options range from rich solid colors to uniquely rooted dimensional and blended shades suitable for everyone and can be seamlessly blended together to create the most customized approach for your clientele. Our hair extensions are sold in 60G increments, enabling tailor-made customization without the requirement to purchase more hair than needed. 

We took the common issues with standard hand tied wefts, and enhanced the design to create our unique ENVIE Weft. These wefts, thinner than traditional hand-tied designs, eliminate discomfort caused by itchy return hair. They can be cut at any point along the weft line without concern for shedding, allowing for unlimited customization.

ENVIE offers the most competitive pricing in the industry and a rewarding loyalty program through our exclusive ENVIE INSIDER program.



Every accomplished stylist will tell you that the pursuit of excellence is a journey that doesn’t end at a particular milestone, but rather it’s a continuous process requiring dedicated learning in our ever evolving industry. With this in mind, we have developed the ENVIE INVISILUXE COURSE to help stylists at any point in their career and skill level become experts in our revolutionary method.

The ENVIE INVISILUXE Method is the industry’s most revolutionary technique. The approach prioritizes the health and integrity of your client’s natural hair and scalp, adhering to the principles of physics and backed by trichology experts to protect your scalp and prevent hair loss and damage that is commonly associated with other hair extension methods.

Learning with us goes beyond just becoming proficient in our patent-pending technique. It equips you to regain control of your career, strive for financial security, and create a beautiful career for yourself. When you enroll in the ENVIE INVISILUXE COURSE you receive valuable mentorship throughout your certification process that focuses on amplifying your professional skills as well as enhancing your personal journey to help construct a life and career that you’ll love and are proud of. Our BEYOND THE CHAIR Module encompasses key success strategies for hairstylists and instructive guides on how to boost your revenue through becoming an extension specialist.

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