Can You Cut A Hand Tied Weft?

One of the most common questions in the hair extension world is “Can I cut a hand tied weft?”

In short, the answer is NO!

In toady’s article, we’ll dive deeper into the ins and outs of hand tied wefts and explain more about why the ENVIE Weft is truly the best of all worlds.

How Are Hand Tied Wefts Made?

Hand tied wefts are exactly as they sound — hand tied.  When the hair extension is manufactured, the individual strands of hair are “hand tied” together, leading to an incredibly light and thin weft.  However while this process leads to a thin and light weft, it also leads to an extremely delicate weft that if broken at any point along the hand tied string will lead to the entire weft unraveling.

The primary drawbacks to hand tied wefts are:

  • They cannot be cut at any point
  • If they are accidently cut or break, the entire weft will unravel
  • Their lifespan is much shorter than other types of wefts

The primary benefits to hand tied wefts are:

  • They are usually less expensive than other types of wefts
  • They are very thin and lightweight
  • The weft itself is nearly invisible

What Is The ENVIE Weft ?

For nearly a decade, our co-founder Kayla installed hand tied wefts for all the benefits listed above.  However she always knew there had to be a better way to deal with some of the drawbacks of hand tied wefts.  So she created the ENVIE Weft.

The ENVIE Weft is a truly remarkable breakthrough in hair technology bringing together all the benefits of a hand tied weft but addressing each and every drawback.  As we mentioned earlier in this article, hand tied extensions have three primary drawbacks.  Here’s how the ENVIE Weft addresses each of those drawbacks.


ENVIE Wefts are 100% cutable along the entire weft.  Whether you want to cut it in half, thirds, or just trim off an extra inch at the end, you can cut the ENVIE Weft anywhere along the weft.  This is because the ENVIE Weft utilizes a proprietary glue technology which creates a solid bond along the entirety of the weft, however it does so without adding any additional thickness over a traditional hand tied weft.  ENVIE Wefts are just as thin as most competitor’s hand tied wefts, and at only a fraction of additional weight which when installed is undistinguishable from hand tied wefts.

Maintenance & Breakage

ENVIE Wefts do not break, and as such once installed if they are accidently broken or damaged will not lead to unraveling in your hair.  Routine brushing of the hair, an occasional summer dip in the lake, or just everyday life will not lead to your wefts becoming damaged or unraveled.  While we always advocate for taking great care of your hair and wefts, we understand that life happens, and the ENVIE Weft is a great solution to everyday life.


ENVIE Wefts last an average of over a year, and we’ve had customers still using their original hair and wefts as long as two years.  You’re making a significant investment in your hair, and ENVIE Wefts truly do last longer than our competitors.  This allows you to continue to utilize the hair for longer, saving you money in the long run.

These are just some of the many benefits of ENVIE Wefts over hand tied extensions.  In summary, hand tied extensions cannot be cut however ENVIE Wefts can be cut anywhere along the weft, giving you absolute flexibility over your installation and peace of mind that if the weft ever were to break, it will not come unraveled.