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ENVIE Invisiluxe Course + In-Person


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Comprehensive course with online and hands on options

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3 Month Mentor program and 3 Model Submissions to get certified

Model Submission yearly to remain on stylist locator

Advanced education courses available for certified stylists


Welcome to the comprehensive online certification course for the Envie Invisiluxe Method offered by Envie Extensions. This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to become a certified specialist in our science-backed, invisible weft installation technique. With a strong focus on prioritizing scalp health for damage-free wear, this method revolutionizes the hair extension industry.

Our online certification course allows you to learn at your own pace, making it convenient and flexible to fit into your busy schedule. You will have access to a wealth of educational resources, including video tutorials, detailed modules, and interactive quizzes, all accessible through our student portal. With lifetime access to the course content, you can revisit and reinforce your knowledge whenever needed.

The Envie Invisiluxe Method stands out for its commitment to scalp health and comfort. Unlike traditional methods that rely on glue, adhesives, or damaging chemicals, our method ensures a safe and comfortable experience for your clients. The single thread approach guarantees clean and comfortable stitching, while hidden beads provide style versatility without any visible beads. The anchored “cascade” row enhances durability and minimizes slipping, ensuring longer wear time for your clients.

Upon purchasing the course, you will receive an exclusive ENVIE Tool Kit, which includes essential tools such as the ENVIE Extension Brush, ENVIE Practice Wefts, ENVIE Nylon Thread, ENVIE Preloaded Beads, ENVIE Clips, and an ENVIE Color Ring. These tools will equip you with everything you need to master the Envie Invisiluxe Method.

As part of the certification process, you will have the opportunity to submit three models to be certified on our stylist locator. This will enhance your visibility and credibility as a certified Envie Extensions specialist, attracting potential clients seeking your expertise.

Additionally, the course includes a three-month mentorship portal, where you can connect with experienced mentors and receive guidance and support. This mentorship program ensures that you have ongoing assistance as you refine your skills and build your career.

Enroll in our online certification course today and transform your career with the Envie Invisiluxe Method. For a one-time investment of $2000, you will gain lifetime access to the course content, a comprehensive tool kit, and the opportunity to become a certified specialist in this revolutionary technique. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock endless possibilities in the world of hair extensions.

Please note that in order to maintain your certification, you will need to resubmit models every year to stay

In addition to mastering the Envie Invisiluxe Method, our online certification course offers you a unique opportunity to learn how to effectively market your extension services and sell hair extensions for profit. We understand that building a successful career in the beauty industry goes beyond technical skills, which is why we have included a comprehensive module on marketing strategies taught by our founders, Kayla Consolo, and marketing guru Brendan Egan.

In this module, you will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge on how to leverage social media and your website to attract clients and grow your business. Kayla Consolo, a decade-long hair extension specialist, and Brendan Egan, a seasoned marketing expert, will guide you through proven strategies that have helped countless professionals succeed in this new career path.

You will receive a meticulously planned social media content calendar, designed to optimize your online presence and engage your target audience. This calendar takes the guesswork out of what to post and when, ensuring that you consistently deliver compelling content that resonates with your followers.

To further support your marketing efforts, we provide pre-made, customizable Envie Extension social media graphics for both posts and stories. These professionally designed graphics are tailored to showcase the beauty and versatility of our extensions, making it easier for you to captivate your audience and promote your services effectively.

With the tools and knowledge gained from this module, you will be equipped to take your extension business to new heights. Whether you are just starting or looking to expand your existing clientele, our marketing strategies will empower you to attract more clients, increase your visibility, and ultimately boost your profitability.

Enroll in our online certification course today and unlock the secrets to marketing your extension services and selling hair extensions for profit. Join Kayla Consolo, Brendan Egan, and a community of like-minded professionals on this exciting journey towards building a thriving and successful career. Together, we will help you achieve your goals and make a lasting impact in the beauty industry.


Are you a certified Envie Extensions specialist looking to take your career to the next level? We have an exciting opportunity for you to join our team as a Regional Educator! As a Regional Educator, you will play a vital role in expanding the reach of Envie Extensions and sharing your expertise with fellow professionals in your region.

As a certified specialist, you have already mastered the Envie Invisiluxe Method and have experienced the transformative power of our luxury European hair extensions. Now, it’s time to share your knowledge and passion with others. As a Regional Educator, you will have the opportunity to train and mentor aspiring hair extension specialists, helping them become certified in the Envie Invisiluxe Method.

Your role as a Regional Educator will involve conducting in-person training sessions, workshops, and certification courses in your designated region. You will guide and support students as they learn the intricacies of the Envie Invisiluxe Method, ensuring they develop the necessary skills to deliver exceptional results to their clients.

In addition to teaching the technical aspects of the method, you will also have the chance to share your insights and experiences in the industry. You will inspire and motivate students, helping them understand the artistry and science behind hair extensions, and guiding them towards building successful careers.

As a Regional Educator, you will be a representative of the Envie Extensions brand, embodying our commitment to excellence, innovation, and scalp health. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with our team of industry experts, including our co-founder Kayla Consolo, to continuously enhance and refine our educational programs.

To excel in this role, you should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a genuine passion for education and helping others succeed. Previous teaching or mentoring experience is highly valued, but not required. We will provide you with the necessary training and support to ensure your success as a Regional Educator.

Join us in our mission to elevate the standards of the hair extension industry and empower professionals to create stunning, natural-looking results while prioritizing scalp health. Become a Regional Educator for Envie Extensions and make a lasting impact on the careers of aspiring hair extension specialists in your region.


Introducing Kayla Kempe Consolo, the visionary behind the patent-pending Envie Invisiluxe method and the driving force behind the Envie Invisiluxe Certification Courses.

Kayla’s passion for innovation and her dedication to providing the best possible hair extension experience led her to create the groundbreaking Envie Invisiluxe method. With over a decade of experience as a hair extension specialist and a deep understanding of the needs and desires of clients, Kayla recognized the need for a technique that would deliver seamless, natural-looking results while prioritizing the scalp health and comfort of the wearer.

Driven by her commitment to excellence and her desire to elevate the hair extension industry, Kayla developed the Envie Invisiluxe Certification Courses. These comprehensive training programs provide hairstylists and beauty professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to master the Envie Invisiluxe method and transform their careers.

Kayla’s dedication to education and her passion for helping others succeed have made her a sought-after educator and mentor in the industry. Her dynamic teaching style, attention to detail, and commitment to ongoing support ensure that stylists of the Envie Invisiluxe Certification Courses are equipped with the tools and confidence to excel in their careers.

Through the Envie Invisiluxe Certification Courses, Kayla not only imparts technical skills but also emphasizes the importance of client consultation, customization, and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. She believes that education is the key to elevating the industry and ensuring that clients receive the exceptional service they deserve.

Her patent-pending Envie Invisiluxe method has set a new standard for excellence, and her certification courses have empowered countless stylists to excel in their careers and expand their clientele.

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