What is The Best Hair Extension Method?

The ENVIE INVISILUXE method is a revolutionary approach to hair extension installation, prioritizing the health, comfort, and natural appearance of your client’s hair and scalp. Developed by the renowned expert Kayla Consolo, who boasts over a decade of experience specializing in weft extension installations, this method sets a new standard in the industry for delivering impeccable results while safeguarding the integrity of your natural hair.


Kayla Consolo, a trusted authority in the hair extension industry with nearly a decade of experience as a specialist, embarked on a journey about four years ago to develop her own installation method. Her decision was driven by a deep commitment to rectifying the shortcomings she observed in traditional installation techniques. Through her focus on hair extension corrections, Kayla witnessed first-hand the damaging effects of subpar methods, including tension alopecia, hair loss, sores, and discomfort.

Motivated by a desire to provide a solution that prioritizes zero tension and exceptional support for a wide range of hair types and densities, Kayla dedicated herself to meticulously crafting the INVISILUXE method. This innovative approach is designed to deliver outstanding results tailored to the unique needs of each individual client and is a testament to Kayla’s expertise and dedication to elevating the standards of hair extension installation.


Our revolutionary Cascade Support System – a key component of the INVISILUXE method – is transforming the world of hair extensions. Integrating an internal, patent-pending mechanism, this system revolutionizes the way wefts are installed in your hair, creating a comfortable and damage free experience like never before. This system removes the bulk of the burden from your natural strands, ensuring a light, supportive and comfortable wear.

Strategically aligning with the natural fall of your hair, our Cascade Support System eliminates the risk of over-direction, a prevalent cause behind tension alopecia and other hair-related dilemmas, making it a revolution in the realm of extension installations. This breakthrough approach promotes unrivaled comfort and flexibility, setting a new standard for industry safety. 

Internal support systems like the Cascade Support System are fundamental differentiators between safe, professional installations and damage-inflicting ones. With the Cascade Support System, we’re not just reshaping the hair extension industry; we’re setting the bar for safer, comfortable, and truly outstanding hair extension experiences.


A fundamental that CES learn in our comprehensive ENVIE INVISILUXE METHOD course is our beaded foundation, offering invaluable insights into the proper installation techniques that shield your client’s scalp from discomfort and strain, allowing for unrestricted movement and styling versatility. With the proper beaded foundation that we coach to you can say goodbye to pain associated with tight installations that restrict your hairstyle options – the ENVIE INVISILUXE method is a game-changer in providing a seamless and pain-free hair extension experience.


The concealed beaded method integral to the INVISILUXE technique ensures that the foundation remains discreet and minimally visible, enabling effortless styling and maintaining a natural, undetectable look. With a strong emphasis on effective color matching and customization, the method ensures a flawless blend between the extensions and your natural hair, creating a cohesive and natural appearance that exudes confidence.

Employing a meticulous single strand of nylon thread for a clean and seamless stitching pattern, the ENVIE INVISILUXE method epitomizes durability and longevity, offering enduring support and resilience against the impact of daily wear and exposure to moisture. 

The ENVIE INVISILUXE method sets a new standard in the realm of hair extension installations, prioritizing a profound commitment to safeguarding the health and vitality of your natural hair and scalp. If you are seeking to elevate your expertise and provide your clients with a transformative hair extension experience that is safe and comfortable, look no further than the ENVIE INVISILUXE method and discover the boundless possibilities it offers.